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Narrative therapy can be your first step towards healing

I’m here for a reason. I’m here on this planet to help people get through what they need to get through… I don’t want to leave the universe the same as I found it. I can’t change the broader world but I can try to help those around me. That’s what my life is about.
— From The International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work (2003), Volume 3, p. 41

Often when people attend counseling, they find that the focus is on creating goals and objectives to address a problem in their lives. Narrative therapy approaches counseling from a different angle.


It assumes that people possess many skills, values, knowledges, opinions, abilities and beliefs to help them reduce the influence of a problem. Repositioning people as the expert of their own lives, I ask questions that access these stories. Stories are significant because they open doors to other ways of being and new ways of traveling in this world that are often more helpful, hopeful and healing.

Everyone is welcome… Every person who comes to me for support will be welcomed and respected, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, cultural background or religion. Narrative therapy embraces the importance of inviting all individuals into the therapeutic process. As a narrative therapist, I consider it an honor and a privilege to serve those who come to see me.



Telephone, Zoom or Skype calls are available if you prefer this mode of therapy or if you do not live in the Bellingham area.


Since Karen’s practice is a non-medicalized, non-pathologizing approach to counseling, insurance coverage is not available.


Sliding Scale $40-$75 per hour.

It is important to me that everyone has access to the therapy that they need for as long as they need it, so please contact me to discuss a sliding scale. Help should be available to all individuals seeking it and not only to those who can afford it.


 Narrative Therapy Services

There must be those among whom we can sit down and weep, and still be counted as warriors.
— Adrienne Rich

Individual Therapy

For adults and children.

Family Therapy

Encouraging families to come together to share their stories and to be truly heard.

Death, Grief and Loss

Karen has several certifications in death and grief studies. She is passionate about helping individuals, families or groups process their grief as it relates to a terminal illness diagnosis or after the death of a loved one.

Group Facilitation

Karen leads grief support groups in her community. If you are interested in having a group created, Karen can organize the curriculum and facilitate the group.

Therapeutic Letter Writing

Karen takes notes during therapy and uses the phrases and stories people tell to write them a letter after each session.

Legacy Writing

Karen works with terminally ill individuals and their family members, having conversations of legacy. She records and transcribes these conversations into documents that can travel with people after a loved one has died.

Collective Narrative Practice

This is a gathering of individuals who have experienced a common hardship. Karen organizes the group and uses rich therapeutic questions to access stories of survival. These conversations are recorded, transcribed and a document is created to distribute to others who have experienced a similar loss.

Office, Home Visits or Online

Karen is flexible about where to meet. She can accommodate your individual needs. Karen helps people as far away as India and Australia using online technology.