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 About Karen

Karen Mittet・Narrative Therapist, Writer, Facilitator, Listener

Hi, I’m Karen.

I’m a narrative therapist, a writer, a facilitator and a compassionate and curious listener.

My mother died when I was 23 years old and the heartbreak that accompanied her death was extremely difficult for me to carry. The emotions attached to grief when someone we love dies is so intense and often scary. Although I have a faith in a higher power, I was still reeling in my sorrow for losing someone so close to me.

After my mom died, I would send cards to people who had experienced a death loss, even to individuals who I didn’t know but would read about in the newspaper. I wanted people to understand that they weren’t alone in their suffering, that others cared about the pain they were experiencing. It is through my own encounter with death and grief that I am now in the service of helping others.

I believe that when people are supported by someone who genuinely bears witness to their emotional hardship, healing can truly begin.

My passion is for helping people navigate the emotionally tumultuous seas that life events can cast them in. As a hospice volunteer, a grief facilitator for children and adults and a personal therapist, I have shared space with bereaved individuals as well as with those who are experiencing an overwhelming problem in their lives. I consider it an honor and a privilege to companion people through life’s struggles. Life is not always easy and it helps to have the comforting presence of someone who listens and truly cares.


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Karen’s Credentials

Karen has a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Education and a Masters in Narrative Therapy and Community Work.


Prior to becoming a mother of 3 boys, who are now grown up, she was an elementary school teacher. Becoming a hospice volunteer in 2011 changed the trajectory of her life.

In 2015, Karen attended a conference in Skagit County. The keynote speaker was Dr. Alan Wolfelt who is the founder of The Center for Loss and Life Transition in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Inspired by Dr. Wolfelt’s approach to death, grief and loss, Karen began taking classes at The Center for Loss in Colorado and attained a Death and Grief Studies Certification in 2016.

The same year, Karen certified with The Creative Grief Studios Online Program and with The Vancouver School of Narrative Therapy.

In 2018, Karen completed her Masters in Narrative Therapy and Community Work from The University of Melbourne in Australia, in connection with The Dulwich Centre in Adelaide, Australia.

Karen is a Counselor who has professional supervision once a month with a Ph.D. level advisor. This supervision helps Karen enhance and improve upon her narrative skills which benefits the people she serves.

Karen Mittet・Grief Counselor・Bellingham, WA

Some other interesting things…

I grew up in Vancouver, B.C., Canada and currently live in Bellingham, Washington, a small university city on the Salish Sea, with my family and two cats.

I enjoy my interval training exercise class, mountain biking, hiking, walking, reading books about narrative therapy, death and grief, novels, knitting, cappuccinos, iced lattes, coffee shops, bookstores, nighttime tea, gardening, yoga, spending time with my cats, mosaic arts, collecting rocks to paint, playing crib, watching Netflix once in a while and sitting by the fire to relax.