Remembering Your Deceased Loved One

Remembering your deceased loved one | Karen Mittet Narrative Therapy & Grief Counseling

A death does not mean you have to cancel out that person's membership status in your life. 

We can grant lifetime membership to our deceased loved ones by continually carrying them with us. How can we do this? Any way that may resonate with you.I read that a lady would carry her brother's suitcase with her wherever she went as a way to keep him close. Perhaps you have a treasured item, such as a locket, a t-shirt, a blanket, a ring or a rock, any valuable item that was given to you by that person or that reminds you of them.

Ask yourself,

"What were their favorite things to do?" 

"Where did they like to go?" 

"What did they value in their lives?"

and have a ritual ceremony centered around the answers to these questions. Maybe your deceased loved one had special traits that you want to carry forward, specific character qualities that impacted you and you want to nurture in your own life as an act of remembrance.

Be creative, be spontaneous in what moves you to cradle your loved one's memory and acknowledge their continued importance. Say hello to your loved one by embracing rituals that keep their love close.

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